1- How did society decline into the dystopian Alliance, in which humanity is lost? Has this ever happened before? How do the citizens of the Alliance become conditioned to perpetrating such injustice? Are there people in our society who fit this description? How do the donors become accustomed to a society in which they must donate parts of their body, even to the point of death?

2-What is this post-Impact world’s view of human nature? Is it only good, only evil, or something in between? How do the characters represent and demonstrate this view?

3- Nox is the enforcer of the Law. He follows the letter of the law, no matter the consequences. Should he have applied a different standard to Joan? Was Nox wrong to show no mercy to criminals? What about Nox’s past tells us about his nature? Why does Nox reach the point where he wants to kill himself?

4- Was it selfish of Joan to ignore the plight of her fellow donors and instead concentrate on earning enough money to buy herself and her father a citizenship? How does the “brainwashing” conducted by the Alliance affect her?

5-  How does the book juxtapose the role of water with each character? What role does water play in Joan’s healing?  Contrast that with Nox’s intense fear of water. How is water associated with Governor Gates?

6- Is Joan’s healing complete when she emerges from the waters of Glimmerglass, the lake? What issues must she still confront?

7- What ideals about female independence and inner strength does Joan learn from One Who Sees and Isabel? Compare Joan as a romantic hero to other strong female figures in history or other works of fiction. 

8- Why is Joan reluctant to see Duncan loves her for who she is?  Why does she feel compelled to be with Reck?  When Joan finally realizes and asserts her equality with Duncan, why is it so important to her? What is the balance of power between Joan and Duncan in the Alliance and how does it change?

9- Archibald Bash says, “And maybe when something bad happens to us—or to someone close to us—it can result in us doing something good for others. Doing something good that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.” Discuss.

10--  Nox says, “The law isn’t merciful.” Are we intended to agree or disagree with this statement?

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